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A Click in Time

We believe in creating moments!

Making it memorable for you is the best we are at!

The world through a camera lens is dramatic, colourful, intense, serene, beautiful and frozen in time for as long as you want, and we love to be this source of happiness for you and your family. We believe in making it special and memorable for your through your special day,  be it your birthday, wedding or anniversary.

What we do . .

Rinki Sen

Rinki is the the most integral part of our circle, she completes us, just as she completes the circle of our work flow. She is quick to learn, and is ever ready for a new challenge and new sphere of work.

Jatin Pal

Jatin is the life source of our team, he picked up photography to explore the possibilities that a camera can have. He is dedicated and loves what he does and is constantly learning new tricks of the trade.

Tarunima Sen

I don’t remember the first time I held my camera, but I do remember how it felt, it was captivating... The feeling hasn’t changed, and since then I haven’t been able to leave my camera or rather the camera hasn’t left me. My camera is a part of me, it helps me communicate, relate and remember. I am a treasure trove of photographs and I wish to be that treasure keeper..